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Jake is the only kid playing baseball this year. This means we have 2- one hour a week games. This is a cake walk compared to the additional 4 games a week at 3 hours a piece, no life, a empty bucket of sunflower seeds, and a deep desire to stab myself in the eye with a pencil, that we would normally have occured if all 3 were playing and my wife and I ended up watching hours and hours of other kids play baseball.

But Jake is on cloud nine. He’s there during the game too, pretty much proving he has a solid case of A.D.D. But today he said he wants to practice more, so hopefully we can channel some of his energy.


  1. Bro… give me a schedule and my family would LOVE to come out to a game!!!

  2. what league does he play for?

    cause i worked the team picture days for singing hills, fletcher hills, la mesa, and lake murray

  3. He plays for rancho san diego

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