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We have basically been electronic free with Becky and Billy.  No wii, no tv, no movies, really not much at all.  Our other 3 boys have done great with it and it’s helped us get to know Becky and Billy as a family and play with them and let them get acclimated to our culture without being baptized into commercials and so much more too.

Truth be told, it’s probably good for all of us. 

However the one thing that has become somewhat of a tradition already in spite of this technology free world is sitting around our front room letting everyone be mesmerized by the crazy amazing video footage of plants and animals of Planet Earth.  It’s so fun to hear them announce names of things they know, call out colors, and ask questions about everything.  My boys and I already loved planet earth, but now we are indoctrinating the twins.  So far, we’ve made it through almost one of the 5 disks in our 20 minute stints before bed.  So fun.

Here’s the crew pondering the craziness of fungus’ that kill bugs before heading to bed.

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