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I can’t post a lot of them. But here is a collage I made early last week of our arrival day.

This is a picture of our team on our arrival day.

This is one of the first sunsets I saw on the boat on our way back from the village over lake victoria.

I’ll try and post some more tomorrow. I’ve been reading your comments on the blog and have passed on your love to those on our team. Thanks for the prayers and support.

You are loved and missed.


  1. Blaze's mom says:

    Brian, Thank you for the photos and guiding the team. I see the love! Kiss Blaze for me Please…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brian, Thanks for the updates and the photos. You are all in our prayers for protection as well as a life changing experience. Please give Hannah a hug from Jeff and I, we miss her. đŸ™‚ See you all on Sunday! Carri

  3. Wow B!
    Your trip sounds amazing. I am honestly getting teary eyed because I’m soo proud of you guys. I see these pictures and realize that most of these students I know. Please let them know how proud I am of them. I know that this will have a lasting impact on them for the rest of their lives. May GOD richly bless You, the Fam and the other leaders for living Jesus passion out! Next trip there, I’m coming!


  4. Jackies Mom says:

    Love this blog thing! I just found out about the comment part. (Thank you Andy)

    Thanks for the pix. They mean a lot. I check for updates several times a day…like you’re gonna be blogging in the middle of the night over there.

    I guess Jackie forgot his shaver and hair product?

    Tell him we REALLY miss him! And that Summer has slept on the couch since he left, he’ll know what that means.

    May you all SEE GOD in new ways.


  5. It looks like God is answering prayers for safety and growth and love. We miss Tyler so much and it brings tears to my eyes seeing the children crawling all over him. Please let Tyler know that his family misses him and loves him so much. We appreciate this blog! Keep writing and posting pix. God Bless from the other side of the world! Lisa Gates

  6. Anonymous says:

    Prayers are being lifted up on your team’s behalf from a Blank sister in Rockford, Illinois. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us. God is blessing you!
    Love, Jen

  7. Linda Brangwynne says:

    Wow, by the time you read this you’ll probably be getting ready to wrap up the Jinja phase of the trip. I’ve been reading the blog every day and enjoying all the pictures – what a treat to have so much info, thanks to you taking the time out of your day to post everything. I’m so glad to hear the team is healthy now. And I’m particularly moved by the faces of the children, I’m sure our team has blessed them immeasurably. It’s great that you’ve been to share about Jesus in the outlying villages. It’s also very cool you’ve been able to clear the lot near Welcome Home so that the children can learn a skill they will need to survive. If only there was a way we could empower them even more…

    Tell Kyle we love and miss him, and that we’ll see him at LAX. We’re gonna spend a couple days in Santa Barbara for R&R – he can sleep on the beach, or at least in a hotel room with a view of it.

    You know Brian, you could probably fund another missions trip just by using your talents to create a dvd of the highlights of this one. Or maybe a calendar of some of your best photos.

    Travel safe. Prayers coming your way!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Journey Team (I don’t know if you received our last comment–it’s not showing up on our end)! We are praying for you and the sight of all those children with all of you brings tears to our eyes! God is using all of you and we have the privilege to observe from thousands of miles away. Please let Tyler know that we miss him and love him so much. His brother said to tell him that he “hopes he’s having fun.” Hope the meds are lasting and that everyone continues to be healthy.

    With love–God Bless the remainder of this tremendous experience. The Gates Family

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Brian for keeping us updated with the blog. I check for it everyday–its a such a gift! So glad everyone is well. Praise God! Praying for you all like crazy…special love out to Mike from his mom! I can’t wait for him to get home but hate that he has to leave. Kristen

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures! We love the little babies in the first one all layed out for their naps! Doesn’t it make you want to take one home? What a beautiful sunset! We are still thinking of you and praying for you and your team! Brooke says to tell TJ and Tyler Hi!

    Love, The Raby family

  11. Father, you are here. Your presence moves around me, and Your beauty surrounds me. Let me find You where I seek You; let me see You in places I never have before. Let me lose myself in you!

    Praying for the Berry Tribe-

  12. just so you can remember[because i know i would want to], your son tyler is with paul in his photo. ben is the boy who is being adopted by a family in sd and has full-blown aids.

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