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At journey last weekend we had a parenting seminar.  This was the fourth one we’ve had since I’ve been here and was the first time we:

  • combined with children’s ministry to reach an audience of parents beyond just student ministry.
  • had it on a Sunday afternoon/ evening instead of a Saturday morning/lunch.
  • had Kara Powell from Fuller Seminary come and share her learnings from research and her own experience. 
It was a long day, but in the end, it was probably one of the best things I’ve been apart of all school year.  I loved the reminders.  I loved the learnings.  I loved the chance to do life with 130 parents who are trying to raise kids who love God along with me.
Here’s my take aways I’m still stewing on and will be for years ahead:
  • I really really really want to raise up kids who “Know how to think and not just what to think”.  If you asked me what is my mantra in ministry and as a parent, this might be it.
  • Faith that sticks is integrated.  If students learn how to express faith in part of their life without it being the central thing of their life, then it’s not going to last.  It will be chucked when it is convenient.  Identity and behavior must be married to one another. 
  • Students need multiple mentors, from multiple generations, no matter how good ones parenting is. 
  • My faith story must be authentic and vulnerable before my watching kids if theirs is truly going to be authentic, vulnerable, and real.
  • Parenting is hard.  It is what God has called me to.  I cannot let up on a commitment to being excellence in this task.
  • Part of a parent’s role is to fill the emotional tank of their kid and if we fail to do this, someone else will and who knows what fuel they’ll try to fill it with. 
  • Quality time is an accident that happens during Quantity time.  This is true and pure genius. 

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