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When in Uganda, we bought 4 paintings for our home from 3 different artists.  The local artists paint them on canvas and then -so you can get them home easily- they pull the painting off the frame and roll it up in a cardboard tube.  You then take it home, rebuild the frame, stretch the art again, staple it, and hang it in your house. 

Today I spent a few hours and cleaned up my garage a little and then made the frames for all 4 paintings and hung them.  Here’s the end product.


This one for our front room.  It was originally 2 big giraffe’s, but we changed our mind and got this one instead at the last minute.  It is the only one that didn’t ship well.  Not sure what happened… if it was rolled wrong or too soon after painting it or what, but if you look close it has quite a few cracks and stuff in it.  Oh well.  It’s still kinda fun to have and from a distance, it looks great.

This one for our kids “play room”.  It was originally for Becky’s room, but we changed our minds.

ONE FROM GERALD for Jake and Billy’s Room. 

ONE FROM JAFFER for Becky’s Room… with my self portrait as a bonus 🙂


We also hung a name plate that Auntie Erica sent us for Becky’s room.  She loves it. 

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