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My U12 soccer team is mostly middle school boys.  I guess you could say it’s my boys small group.  I love to clown with them and challenge them to give me their best all at the same time.   Today I had a few conversations at practice I thought I’d share.

Before practice, while one early kid was there with me I had the following conversation:
Me: How was school?
Kid: Boring.
Me: Why was it boring?
Kid: We do english for like 2 hours and then math for like an hour and then science for like 3 minutes and science is my favorite subject.
Me: Has it been like this for long?
Kid: No, it just got worse lately.
Me: Well, maybe it will get better.
Kid: Probably not, I’ve been going to this school forever.
Me: What school is it?
Kid: Such and such Christian School.
Me: Is it at a church? 
Kid: Yes, it’s at such and such baptist church, my dad is the pastor there.
Me: Oh, was your dad at our game on Saturday.
Kid: No, my dad is always gone.
Me: Oh, how often do you see your dad?
Kid: About one week a month.  He travels a lot preaching.
Me: Oh…. (note to self, don’t tell this kid I’m a pastor)
Later, after we ran a lap…. this announcement from another kid.
Kid: I’m sorry if I’m a little down today.  School started today and I have to take my pill and I can’t have any sugar either.
Me: Oh… (note to self, this kid is on downer drugs.  I’m slipping him a candy bar at practice so he can run)

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