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Well, my bride and I went to the orthopedic department at Kaiser today and found out that she doesn’t have a broken bone in her shoulder. Instead what I saw on the x-ray (and what we both understood to be two pieces of the same bone) was instead two bones that used to be attached by a ligament that snapped and was therefore no longer holding the bones in place. It is a separated shoulder and she’ll be out for about 6 weeks in the healing process. The first week should be the most sever in terms of pain, then after that things should begin to get back to normalish.

On another note, when our orthopedic guy came to give us the low down on our x-rays, I swore I knew him from somewhere and after a lot of questions he asked if I ever watched OVERHAULIN on TLC. I said yes and he said that his wife had got him on the show. And I said, wait a second, you had a truck didn’t you. He said yes and then we bonded and now I know a reality TV star. OOh la la… What a small world this is. My wife was diagnosed by the bald buy in the picture below- an ex-navy seal who has a sick truck.

Now if Jesus hooks my wife’s shoulder up like Chip Foose did John’s truck. That would be awesome.

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