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6 months ago, my wife had no daughter and no hair to deal with but her own.  Now we have the joy of Becky in our life and the joyful challenge of little brown girl hair.   It must be specially washed, covered at night, and it takes all day to prepare and then stays in for about 2 weeks. 

When we brought becky home, due to time constraints and hygene concerns, Becky, along with the other kids at the orphanage had virtually no hair.  When we started raising funds for her, they started letting it grow, so we had about 4 months of growth to play with upon arrival.  But she was basically buzz cut and the most we could do would be have the mommies at welcome home roll it into cute little balls for us. 

Well, we’ve come along way since then.  Scratch that.  My wife has come a long way since then.  She is a full on pro.  It takes all day and crazy patience for both Becky and Shannon, but she has continued to create little masterpieces with Becky’s hair.

I call her “Daddy’s pretty little girl” all the time.  The cool things mommy does with her hair only prove my point. 

Here’s the one she did for our camping trip with beads.

Here’s the one she spent all day doing with twists in her hair and a part down the middle and just finished like 4 hours later.  She is super mommy!  Two pretty girls I got.  I’m one lucky husband and dad.


  1. Wow! That is so totally amazing!!!!

  2. doug tegner says:

    awesome job Shannon! What a beautiful girl.

    Mungu anataka kuingia moyo yako.

  3. That must take a whole lot of patience on both parts, it’s hard to picture a 6 yr old sitting for that length of time but Becky must feel so pretty when it’s all done & I’m sure Shannon feels a great sense of accomplishment. Yay for girls!

  4. lauradodson says:

    go shannon, go shannon… ;o)

    love the twisties. somtimes melissa poofs (for lack of a better term) marissa’s hair and then puts a headband on. It is SO CUTE. love it.

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