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Well, as of yesterday, a little over one month from the day I called USAA, I finally got my payment. They charged me for two incidents for the “two” break ins- told me there was nothing I could do about it, it’s how the contract is written. So my two break ins turned my weekend getaway with my wife into a $7 grand loss in stolen property that cost me a grand in freakin deductible payments to recover.

Merry Christmas from the thieves.

Last year around this time, I made this vow that I didn’t want to pay any money towards extra fees in 2008. No late fees on credit cards, no extra money spent that was unneeded. I just wanted to use the money I had for advancing the ship. Maybe even save some.

Well, in the first week of January I got a red light ticket by a red light picture thingy on my way home from Nor Cal that slapped me with like a $400 bill. Then our dishwasher broke. Then my clutch went out in my truck. Then the fuel pump went out in the Yukon and so did the tires. Now the gas guage is broken. My car got broken into and my computer stolen and well, if you ask me, financially I’d just assume 2007 go away.

Money and the stuff it buys are stupid.

I wish I didn’t like either of them.

I feel like they constantly beat me up and yet I’m attached to them and can’t leave. I think I need to go to a support group for battered and beaten husbands. I’m getting a divorce from money.

Crap. I think that costs money too.


  1. Saito aka Amy says:

    ah brian berry! I’m sorry you feel beat up by money. Sounds like things get harder as responsibilities get higher. But Jesus is in charge of all the money in the world! and He’s cool and will provide. either contentment or funds or whatever you really need.

    btw. remember like a million years ago when you used the Avril Lavigne song Complicated in powerhouse? and you connected it with the idea that sometimes we put up a front with God? God brought that to my mind today as I have been making my life complicated and fake before God and especially other people. so way to use pop culture to demonstrate God.

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