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Well, I’m ending my longest non-blogging streak in the last 5 years with a post about some of the family stuff that has kept me from this space on the internet.  I pretty much stopped reading and writing my own blog, just had to let something go.  I plan on picking up my blogging baton again in the next few days with more stuff on life, family, and ministry… I really miss this outlet in my life.

But for the record, here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to in photos November.

PRE-MISSIONS TRIP TREK TO NAVAJO RESERVATION:  I did a pre-trip to a Navajo reservation in Arizona with a long time friend Pat Moore.  He’s been there a bunch and he’s like family so we got treated to a special private tour of a beautiful Navajo canyon on cattle round up day.  We checked out the church and talked about their needs and then pretty much rock climbed into the canyon and then walk/herded cattle out.   Long road trip and good times.  I think we’ll go back with some students this spring.

DISNEYLAND 2 DAY:  Our tribe and the grandparents all went to Becky and Billy’s first trip to Disney and enjoyed the huge holiday crowds over thanksgiving break.  Fun was had by all and we played more “would you rather?” than you can imagine while waiting in hours of lines 🙂

THANKSGIVING:  I bbq’d the bird again.  We set the table.  Dang our family is blessed.

DESERT TRIP WITH MY KIDS:  1 Grandpa, 3 dads, and 10 kids all went to the desert for our 2nd annual post turkey day father/kid trip to shoot weapons, blow stuff up, bonfire, zip line, and paintball and such.  It was a father/son trip, but becky begged me to go and so she changed the rules.  She’s a trooper for sure.

STUDENT MINISTRY STAFF GET AWAY:  I took our student ministry staff for a couple days to bond and laugh in a beautiful place we got the hook ups for in Capistrano Beach at the Wunderly home.   Super fun watching the sunset, the dolphins, and eating way too much food together.

next up, December in pictures.

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