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There’s something inside of me that just hates mediocrity.  I hate settling for less than the best.  I hate the idea that I missed something better God had for me because I accepted the first thing someone offered me.

I hate lame retreats.  Mediocre ministry. Half-hearted talks. I hate the phrase “it is what it is.”  I think it should be banished from the world with the one exception of describing the past.  But I want nothing to do with “it is what it is”.  I don’t want it in my marriage, me personal life, my parenting, my life as a pastor, no where…  I hate it so bad I’ll correct you if you use it around me.

Perphaps that’s why I’ve watched this commercial like 40 times.  Mini-coopers are fine.  But forget the car, I want this message to play in the background of my life 24-7.


NO ONE in the tech world believes “It is what it is” should be our mantra.  No it’s not.  And 10 years from now, we’ll all be thanking some tech guru for not settling and for moving us to some new technology we now “can’t believe we ever lived without” because they dared to dream and demand better.

In fact, I don’t think the devil really needs to get us to buy into evil to win the day in us.  I think all he has to do is get us to settle for something that is less than Awesome.  If we just decide that a normal marriage, a normal routine, normal parenting is all we need.  Then he wins.

Don’t let him win.  Fight normal and mediocre and acceptable and complacency with all you’ve got.

In case you still need more inspiration to ditch average stuff of life.  Here’s a elementary school kid with some genius for you.

“Don’t stop believing in your dream, unless your dream is stupid.  Then find a better Dream.”  Ha ha. This kid is awesome.  “I was made for awesome”

So good.

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