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The internal speakers on my Mac died this week. Suck. I have no time to get this fixed. I’m soundless unless I have ear buds or external speakers plugged in. Bummer.

My 150 GB hard drive is almost full. Everyday I have to dump something to keep space available. It think I’ll have to delete some big thing I don’t use often and just keep a back up somewhere else. But the boy scout in me is certain that I’ll end up somewhere and surely need what I don’t have with me. Oh well.


  1. Sorry about the sound! However, I use an external USB 320g hard-drive that is small and very portable. I carry it with me every where. In fact, I rarely keep things on my mac, it all goes on the external! Here’s the web site!

  2. Hard drives are pretty cheap these days. You could get a 250GB portable hard drive that connects to your computer via USB at

    I swear this isn’t a spam comment.

  3. How do you guys back up your back up drives?

  4. I burn them to a dvd-rw . They hold the most and it’s less expensive than buying another hard-drive.

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