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I kid you not.

This dude brought his girlfriend or wife or something to Dad’s and Donuts in just her shirt. I cut off their heads to preserve what innocence is still left. This ladies “dress” was so short and her legs so long, that I swear, especially if you saw how much it goes up in the front, that there were some kindergarten kids that saw more than just dads and donuts today. Good thing there was no wind.

Oh, and I hate to pay for the parking at my favorite coffee shop. It doubles the price of my coffee if I do. So instead of paying the meter gods, I hoof it 3 blocks. Well today I parked on a different street than I usually do and on the way, I saw this sign:

I thought about blurring the number, but decided not too just in case you were thinking what I was thinking. Perfect! This is just what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to get my tan painted on this year. I’m seriously thinking about getting a design added to my left buttock as well. Then if I get a shirt dress, I can show it off. Or maybe I’ll get one of those cool Sports Illustrated nothing but paint swimsuits put on this year. Then I go to the beach all sly and au natural.


  1. Dude you made me laugh with this post…

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