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I knew it was gonna happen one day. I’m surprised it took 2 years.

Our church office has exterior doors that only open with the key. From the inside or out- doesn’t matter. If they’re locked, you need the key to go through them from either direction.

So, tonight, it’s like freakin midnight… and I’m trying to go home. I’m at church later than my normal late night after small groups cuz we have this HUGE serving project called Help Us, Help You on Saturday for student ministries to help our church raise the funds to keep us in our building:

  • Saturday. May 19. 8 am to 5 pm. Students serving in houses all over our community.
  • 56 different locations in San Diego, El Cajon, La Mesa, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, Lakeside, and Santee
  • 87 middle and high school students
  • 11 car wash teams washing 45 cars and 1 motor home
  • 7 house cleaning teams going to 24 homes
  • 9 yard work teams serving in 21 different places
Well, anyway…. I was preparing for that when I finally decided to call it a night and go home.

So, I locked and shut my personal interior office door (which locks without a key) and headed for the main office door (which only opens or locks with a key) only to discover that I have my truck keys but that I had in fact blockaded my church keys inside my personal office and the main office is now locked and I’m now gonna have to sleep here…. or kick in the window to get out.

But… there’s still one guy here. It’s the finance dude. He could let me out of my suburban glass office cage. But he’s in the next building over. I can see his car. I know he’s there. He’s even come to this side of the office once in the last 30 minutes. I call his office, but the punk won’t pick up. I call it like 12 times. Still…. won’t pick up.

I call every office over there. But nope- won’t pick up. I even tried paging on the church facilities radios from inside the office. I’d call his cell but evidently it’s like top secret or something cuz his is the only cell not listed on the staff directory…

So, I call Josh and he gets up, drives to church, and opens the door for me. At midnight. Now I owe him one or two or three or 5 bagillion.

I’m getting a hide a key for the office. This is ridiculous. And I’m a total dork.


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    haha that is funny!

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