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Well, as happened last year, this year will be a repeat.  Blog is going silent through the summer.  I love to write and read together with youth pastors and the few non-youth ministry peeps who frequent this blog.

But for the curious or those who want to pray for me…  here’s why:

  • HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE CAMP: I ran a mulit-church camp that we host at Pt. Loma Nazarene last week.
  • SUMMER FUN CAMP: I’m joining my generations team staff for a week with “summer fun camp”- think VBS on steroids at our church next week.
  • SUMMER SUNDAYS: Every Sunday in July and August we have an after church high school bonding event for some sweet Summer Sundays experiences. 
  • HOUSEBOAT TRIP: I’m taking my son and 3 of his high school friends and teaching for a week at a Shasta house boat trip in Nor Cal for a high school ministry. 
  • FAMILY CAMPING: I’m taking my family for a 2 week camping trip with friends and family.  One week in Big Basin and one week at Trinity Lake
  • CONCERT: I’m taking my mom to go see Neil Diamond in concert.  Stubhub says there’s 194 tickets if you want to join us…ha ha. Gonna be awesome. 
  • BOOK #2:  I’m trying to finish my second book on criticism before I start coaching 2 soccer teams and returning for my last year of seminary in the fall.   My first book, “As For Me and My Crazy House” got a sweet review today. Thanks Austin. 
So… I clearly have a very full summer and the blog will be one of the things that I have to let fall.  Twitter will be my only outlet, as beyond 140 characters is out of reach during this summer season.
See you in late August.

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