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Go figure. I’m at a mini retreat for a summer event we do called OGN in a really nice hotel and my alternator goes on in my truck as I’m pulling into the parking lot. So, last night I went out to see how difficult it will be to replace it. The alternator is right in front, right on top, but I can’t find the tension adjuster for the belt. So, after looking for 20 minutes I finally gave up and tried to find the answer by googling it. No luck. Then, I ran across this site that I submitted my question to at like 10 pm, and $9, and an hour and a half later, I had a diagram and an explanation of how to do it from a mechanic. You also don’t pay until you get your answer and one that you’re satisfied with. That’s awesome.

I surfed around and they have what they say are “professionals” in many fields (medicine, carpentry, autos, etc) who answer your questions for a small fee. Cheapest mechanic I ever had… and the answer was cheaper than buying the manual myself. Cool.

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