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Well, last weeks OGN blog post will recap will have to wait until after my yosemite camping trip, cuz we’re outta here.

But before we could go this year, I had to get creative, cuz adoption left me one butt spot short of legally transporting the tribe to another trek to the woods.

So, if you’re wondering how one man can get a family of 7, seven sets of clothes, 7 sets of sleeping bags and pads and such, 2 tents, a full kitchen, a dog, 7 bikes, 7 chairs, a 2 man kayak, and food for 7 for 7 days, and the rest of the miscellaneous stuff this requires… all in one vehicle…. well, here’s how:

#1. Get a MUNENE 4 door truck. (lugandan for BIG)

#2. Go here and order a custom sleeper with two jump seats. (note: requires 3 months notice)

#3. Install Sleeper in your truck. Tell the kids to enjoy the door while it lasts, cuz you’re going to load it to the gills and they can pile in and out through the cab slider window.

#4. Call Yakima and see if they’ll sponsor your trip since you keep them in business with 5 bike racks, two sets of cross bars, a roof basket, and a boat mount. (good thing I had most of it from years of camping and stuff anyway).

#5. Call Brian Berry and ask him to pack this 3D jigsaw puzzle. You will need a wife to help gather stuff and compile kiddos things.

#6. Drive carefully. Everything that is precious to you is now traveling down the highway for a week of camping. So if you see this in your rear view mirror, give us some love πŸ™‚

#7. Have fun.


  1. Printed and filed! ha ha

    Now, if you can document how to move a family and belongings CONUS/OCONUS (Contiguous US/Outside of the Contiguous US) that would be sweet. I may need some of that strategy and equipment in my future. ha ha

    Case in point, very well done, I think we’re all in awe!! =)

  2. can’t wait to hear about the crazy looks you got and the pictures taken of you guys going down the road!

  3. That setup is all kinds of ridiculous and awesome. Have fun!

  4. Your truck is now the San Diego version of a boda! And, you’re pretty much reinforcing the #1 stereotype of Americans! When we (Americans) fly internationally, we get two bags. Everyone else: one bag. I say, hey, if you got, haul it! Looks great! Wish we were camping with you. πŸ™‚

  5. Saundra Blank says:

    I’ve always known you’re an “outside the box” thinker but this is over the top!! Hope you all have a great time!

  6. dude. that’s impressive.

  7. I loved seeing this on the road. We’ll see you tonight with s’mores!

  8. yep Brad. I agree. I kept thinking how uniquely stupid and American my camping has become. I have more stuff in this dumb truck than 30 people combined in Uganda. Made me feel both lame and blessed. My two African recruits however didn’t seem to mind one bit. They loved the whole thing.

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