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If you have 8 minutes and need a good laugh… then enjoy the crib video one of our high school students made of my casa for a series on defeating the comparison game we all get stuck playing called “compareanoia”. Anyway…it’s good times.


  1. Amy Saito says:

    Dude you do have a monster crib. And sweeeeet rims. Looks like you’re sitting pretty in SD.
    I like the Little Einstiens plug BTW. That’s a pretty cute show. šŸ˜€

  2. haha! I love it! Brian you’re the dopest. I wish i could have made that vid with ya. take care homie

  3. Dude, I laughed basically the whole stinkin time! That is tight! I love the shower cleaner thingy deal…gotta get me one of them! You crack me up man.

  4. Brian,
    You are definitely the coolest guy I know! Great Video! Had me laughing my HEAD OFF! Gangsta’ Jake at the end was the best part!

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