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Today was a reminder of blessings of my family and especially the mom’s in my world.  At this point, I have 3 of those… my own mom, my wife, and mom #2 I officially gained at marriage.  All are amazing women who bless me. I was able to celebrate this Mom’s Day with the later two and my kids at my in-laws.

Here’s how we rolled after church:

We went to grandma and grandpa’s house for pictures.

We ate a dinner with so much food we decided we have more than enough to feed us all again tomorrow night.

And we went fishing. Yes, fishing… like 50 yards from grandma’s house in their backyard is a community pond (pond = like 25 x 40 yard thingy)  People do catch and release only fishing in this thing.  I couldn’t believe it.  TJ actually caught a big ol’ cat fish and a small bass inside of an hour.  Tyler caught a turtle.  Yep, a turtle.  Yes, I set it free and it’s fine, but a turtle?  Seriously, who woulda thought that we’d go fishing at grandma’s in San Diego.  I think we’re gonna be catching the same fish so many times in the next few years we’re gonna name ’em.  Jake already named the turtle.

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