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That was the question our newest additions had after their “first day” of first grade today: “Do we go back?” You see, we tried putting them in school once shortly after arriving into the States and it didn’t work. Truth be told, we were fools for thinking kids brand new to America could dive into “normal kindergarten” anyway, but we’re a quick learn and after a few days of experimenting, we pulled them out and Shannon Home Schooled them this last year.
And she did an ACES job. No surprise there. This teacher credentialed mommy jumped right in and brought 2 little African kids to the kitchen table for a crash course in Kindergarten and got them up to speed with the desired standards by today. So props to her.
But Becky and Billy were still wondering if they get to stay this time. Our answer? Yes!!! Mom might be more like YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!! But yes, they are staying and their teacher said they are just like all the other 6 year olds in first grade. I know that’s not true, but I’ll take her word for it.
So Mom changed the front door chalk board (good thing we read by sounding it out in our family 🙂
We took a family pic.
And then we started our weekly “Walk to school Monday” routine.
And then we dropped of two twins in first grade,
one in second,
one in fourth,
…and hoofed it to Middle School to drop off one in 7th.
and with that, the 2009-2010 school year is off and running.

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