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About a year ago, I read a book called “Wellbeing” by the Gallop people.  I wrote about it here and I spent some time processing it.  It has continued to mess with me some in terms of the inequality of resources and their dispersion around the world.  It’s also messed with me in regards to the level of intellectual agreement I have with its premises verses behavioral disconnect with my lifestyle.

For example:

  • I believe that healthy relationships bring about the best life, but then I don’t make time for them.
  • I believe that I’d rather manage my money than have my money manage me, but then I spend it poorly.  
  • etc…

So, this year I’m trying to seriously not do that anymore in my own life and back when we were planning out our calendar year, I was kickin’ this around with our college pastor and she agreed, it’s time for us to do something about this in our young adult communities at Journey too.  

Thus, last Sunday we launched the first of five seminars in a series we’re calling, “Wellbeing: my journey to being whole in Jesus”.  We’ve tweaked the format of the book some and combined two into one and added a specific week to focus on the spiritual.  We meet once a month for 3 hours on Sunday after church and we will be bringing in specialists in each field to help our high school juniors and seniors and our college age community step into living an adult Chirst-following life well and on purpose.


January 23: Spiritual wellbeing.

  • I am a spiritual being.  Everything I do is spiritual.
  • I am a spiritual being.  I must feed my soul for it to be well.

February 20:  Community wellbeing.

  • I am a communal being.  My contribution matters.
  • I am a communal being.  I can participate in God’s Kingdom daily

March 20: Relational wellbeing 

  • I am a relational being.  My relational health is key to my wellbeing.
  • I am a relational being.  Healthy relationships inspire a healthy me.

April 10: Physical wellbeing

  • I am a physical being.  My body is temporary and fragile.
  • I am a physical being.  My body is a temple to be protected.

May 22: Financial and Career wellbeing

  • I am a valuable being.  My money can be a tool I use.
  • I am a valuable being.  My career can increase my usefulness and joy.

So far, so good.  We had 25 young men and women there eager to dive in and they LOVED the first session as we kicked off with a lengthy study of a consistent trend in Scripture and how “everything is spiritual”.  Such a great reminder for all of us.  If there ever was a seminar I didn’t want to just host for students, but actually live out myself, then this is it. I’m going to school with them on this one for sure.

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