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Welp, just got my SDGE bill. My contribution to the holiday season decor by leaving my lights on from dark to 11pm for 3 weeks for the enjoyment of my family and neighbors cost me an extra $100 in electricity. I can’t imagine what it must be costing the people whose houses make it in the paper as “worth” going to check out. What does it cost that guy who makes it in the national news and starts setting up in October? Must be a load of benjamins. If I ran SDGE, I think I’d put an add in the paper telling people how to get to those houses that are on display and run some kind of contest to see who can do the best light job of those who didn’t do one last year. As it is, they must look to December with exceeding joy.

I wonder what my new gas fire pit will cost me this spring/summer?

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