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I admit I did not want to go to Legoland. I lobbied for seaworld again, the zoo, the dentist- pretty much anything but Legoland.

I went once before with my boys when Shannon and I first came to SD and it was so boring I wanted to gouge my eye out. The lego city they built was so cool, but it was so sun bleached and nasty looking that I couldn’t figure out why the main attraction was so poorly taken care of. Surely they could have at least covered it with a huge shade thingamajig or build it in a gianormous warehouse or something. But my wife insisted that there is a window of age in which Legoland is fun. She said my sister’s 3 to 6 year old kids were perfect for it and should be given the privilege of seeing it when it was in their target age, since it would likely be years before they got to go and blah blah blah.

Well, I lost the debate and we went the day after Christmas.

And here’s my confession, the old parts of the giant lego city are even more sun-bleached and nasty than I remember, but the new Vegas section is pretty cool. Plus, based on the amount of changes they’ve made to their ride offerings in the last 2 years, there are several things that we had a lot of fun doing; and yes, my sister’s kids loved it and so did mine. My face also gives away some picture proof that I had fun with them.

So.. here’s the evidence:

We even now have 13 passes to go back between now and Feb. 28th due to a buy one day, get one day free promotion that was going on. And thanks to Brad’s internet research, our tickets were already 50% off as it was. So I’ll be making at least one more trip to Legoland soon it seems.


  1. You’re are so good at those collages. I love the lego borders. wouldn’t have thought of that. Thanks again for all the fun. Great memories for sure.

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