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Tuesday we started our day with free Jamba. So fun. There were like 500 people working behind the counter and like nobody knew this free thing was happening so we were waited on like crazy in and out in like 20 minutes. $20 worth of Jaba breakfast for free. That fits the budget perfectly.

My birthday was Friday and to celebrate, I took Jake to the “tad poles” (what he mistakenly calls the tide pools) with his Kindergarten class. The bus had 90 kids on it from like 3 or 4 classes so the parents drove themselves. When I arrived a few minutes early I walked up to sit down and read and snapped the first picture I saw and immediately thought, “This is crazy. I can’t believe this is where God lets me live.”

Jake and I had a fun day picking up small crabs that we found hiding under these huge rocks. I became designated rock lifter Dad so the kids could watch all the hiding crabs scamper from underneath. At one point I dropped a big boulder on my finger and cut it open pretty bad. A mom noticed and offered me a band aid. Since I was tired of bleeding on my pants, I accepted the offer. She then proceeded to decorate my finger with a pink hello kitty band aid. I have never wanted to have a daughter more to justify my band aid in my life. Regadless, I proudly wore it for 3 days, something every barista I visited this weekend noticed. Some biology teacher dad of one of the kids managed to catch a small octopus (6 inches or so) which Jake says is HUGE! They kept it in a bucket with a bunch of other sea creatures they found so kids could feel and touch and observe. So fun to be a kid again with my kid.

Then on Saturday, my family did what has become one of our favorite activities. We threw our bikes in my truck and drove to the beach. This time, we drove to Coronado and stopped at a park which is immediately on the Coronado side of the bridge. We then parked and rode our bikes along the water front to the ferry landing and then all the way across the island on Orange street. We then locked our bikes and hung out on the beach for a few hours. It was a beautiful day. Lovely. Relaxing. Cloudless. Georgeous I tell you!!! After a few hours we rode our bikes back and ended the day with Cold Stone for lunch. So fun.

This fine day made me want to buy this bike. I got some money for my birthday, and I think I just might need a cruiser now. My old mountain bike is 15+ years old and makes some pretty sad creaking noises, and it’s time for a smooth flowing ratrod electra alluminum cruiser to hang at the beach I think!

Then Sunday was a jam packed day at church and on Monday I went with TJ to the zoo for his 5th grade trip. It was fun to hang out with him in what is sadly, his final 2 months of elementary school. As we get closer to graduation, my wife cries a little more each day. Her baby boy is headed for middle school and well, the tears are flowing.

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