Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


Is easier said than done.  But this TED video from a man who was on the plane that miraculously landed in the Hudson River in NY in 2009, narrows it down pretty well.

I have no idea where Ric is in terms of faith, but if you- like me- are trying to honor God with every moment, loving your spouse, and care passionately about being a great parent, then this is as close to a mandatory 5 minute listen as you’re ever gonna find on the internet.

Hey Ric Elias, I’m with you in this! I’ll raise my cheap wine glass and agree with this!  I’ll strive with you to be a great Dad.  With you in that. I’ll seize the day for this goal everyday.  Thanks for the reminder.

(PS: I found it this via my friend Michele who has a great blog post on being present as a parent. Thanks Michele.  It’s worth the read too)


  1. You know what this made me think of? All those pictures you take with your kids on field trips. Way to be there. That’s leading by example and it’s impacting lives.

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