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Today I picked jake up from pre-school. I asked him if he had anything in his box. He said yes and I went to pick it up.

Now close your eyes and picture this….. ok so that will make it hard to read, but you’re going to need to imagine… however you choose to do that. Cuz I don’t feel like scanning this art into my computer… so here goes:


  • One sheet of Pink construction paper.
  • On it, like 40 sea creatures are stamped on it in black ink.
  • Not 40 different sea creatures, just like 40 dime sized sea creatures of about 4 varieties.
  • Fish, crabs, sharks, and octopi (i guess that might be the plural of octopus.. I’m pretty sure it’s not octopuses)
  • …and 2 cows.
  • both are upside down.
  • Jake explained this to me. This one is a fish. This one is a cwab. This one is a shawk. This one is the octooopus. These ones awe the land animals. They awe dwownin.
  • Yep, my kid made an ocean seen and decided that it would be funny if 2 cows drown in it.

Aren’t boys fun!!! These are among the givens of imaginative play time: someone dies, gets blown up, discovers a hidden super power, or decides to have a battle with another.

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