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Ok… so 24 hours 3 and 4 are now under my belt… and I can’t believe Jack killed Curtis. I also can’t believe it jacked him up so bad he puked, pulled out his hair, and tried to quit. I’m not going to eat anything before 24 again. I almost puked. Now Jack is McGyver, Night Rider, Chuck Norris, and Clark Kent all rolled into one- Clark cuz like any good superhero/human… he might be enough of a human to puke, but he’d never cry.

Me? I would have puked, pulled my hair out, quit, and cried.

(Side note: How long did he have to be prepped for each episode? His new scars from being beaten in China must have taken some hollywood time to put on each day.)

And the nuke… holey stinkin moley. They can’t drop a nuke in episode 4. What’s left? By the end of hour 5 half the world will be dead and CTU will have to relocate to submarine off China’s coast. This is ridiculous.

Oh… and by way of confession. I was so stickin stressed by the middle of the second hour that I actually caught my self leaning back, feet tucked under my arms, and wanting to cover my eyes in the fetal position or something. Now I’m so wired I can’t even sleep. I think I might have to start watching these dumb shows in the morning or something.

Plus… I keep thinking that I should be checking on my kids, building a bomb shelter in the back yard, and working on my
“I-could-kill-you-in-a-second-if-I-wanted-to” attitude. That would really help me with kids in youth group who text message the world while sitting in my youth service and ignoring my incredibly brilliant words direct from God through my mouth. The nerve. I bet Jack could silence them with a look. He could also upload their picture from a satelite, e-mail it to their mom, and text message a link to their FBI file, all while still preaching the message. Maybe Jack is part Jedi too now that I think of it.


  1. Hey Brian,
    I don’t usually comment here but I love reading your blog. I enjoy keeping up with the in’s and out’s of the Berry tribe and you have hands down the best collages. I like to hear your opinion on theological stuff and whatever else you choose to write about.

    However having said all that I have to say tonight I’m a little dissapointed. You see there are some 24 die hards out there who shall remain nameless that decided to record this season so we could watch all four episodes at once no commercials. So after reading the first sentence I quickly closed out the screen, took a deep breath and tried to erase that bit of critical info. you shared from my memory.

    I know it’s the risk we (I mean those) DVR watchers take. Maybe I should say thank you. Now I know to not only avoid all previews on TV and the web but blog world too.

  2. Tara,

    1. glad you enjoy it.

    2. sorry about “ruining it for you”. I think I might blog my response to each hour this season… just for fun and future notice.

    3. go to bed. it’s past midnight and if you were sleeping like normal people, you would have not “ruined” 24 for yourself… especially since you were not watching 24 and don’t have the high blood pressure/stress excuse I do for not being in bed. And tell Rod to go to sleep to. Does he ever sleep?


  3. Janelle and I are big fans ourselves. We delay starting to watch the show too so we can fast-forward through the commercials on our DVR. I don’t know how we watched TV before that glorious invention.

    I felt so bad for Curtis. His character never had a whole lot of depth but I had grown attached to him over the last few seasons. His expression after getting shot was priceless – a great look of betrayal and shock and hurt and all that good stuff. It sort of reminds me of Mel Gibson in Braveheart when he sees Robert the Bruce on the battlefield and realizes he’s been sold out.

    The ultimate suck would set in if Assad is really the mastermind and all this is a ploy to get closer to the President or something. That’s unlikely since Jack came in and saved Assad…but who knows with this show. Past experience and seasons leads me to believe Fayed is not the final villain we’ll see this season.

    Anyway, peace out. And sorry about your plants dying in the cold. That’s what you get for doing a wussy thing like gardening. Heh.

  4. My green thumb will kick your thumbs butt- you’ll need more than Jack Bauer to save you oh Norcal plant hater. 🙂

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