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There have been some milestones in my role as a student ministries pastor over the years. My first job. My first hire. My first intern. My first office. My first “I’m gonna quit” day. My first day of seminary. My first seminary class I quit. My first ministry transition to another church. My first invitation to teach a seminar at a national youth pastors convention. My first wedding of a former student couple followed by various ones of those couples having kids. My first wedding that the marriage didn’t make it. My first funeral of a former student. Some highs. Some lows.

Well, today I just found out that my desire to write something that is published has officially come to pass. I’ve been waiting to say so for about 6 months now, but last week the Bible Studies I’ve been writing for Simply finally finished the editing and graphic design process and are now online. So, it’s another first. Kinda fun. Someday maybe I’ll write my first real book. I don’t get royalties from these studies and they don’t even say that I wrote them, but I told them I didn’t care about either one anyway. I just wanted to take my passion to write and put it into action in an environment where others could benefit from it. So, if you’re looking for some Bible Studies, I think they are good and you can grab the first two online. The sell for $3 a week. Can’t beat that.

The first one I wrote is called, “Minor Prophets, Major Messages” and is 6 weeks long.

The Second is creatively called “Ruth” and is 4 weeks long.

I have two more series in the hopper. One is in the editing process and one in the writing phase. I’ll let you know when they hit the online world.

Wooo hoooo.


  1. Awesome, congratulations!

  2. You, Writer, You!! This IS big!! Way to go, Babe!! So proud of you and what God continues to do in and especially through you!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good job. We will try for one of these for our next small group study that will probably start after summer break. Dad.

  4. How cool is that!!! That’s really awesome. Nice design too! 🙂

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