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Recently, a guy named Richard Dawkins has joined some reason debate caused by the Intelligent Design voice of the president and others and made some noise in the press with a discourse against religion- all religion -called “The God Delusion”. It, along with a few other books on the subject, caused the front cover of Time magazine to issue an article entitled, “God vs. Science” on Nov. 5 of last year. The most interesting quote inside from my perspective is this one:

Most Americans occupy the middle ground: we want it all. We want to cheer on science’s strides and still humble ourselves on the Sabbath. We want access to both MRIs and miracles. We want debates about issues like stem cells without conceding that the positions are so intrinsically inimical as to make discussion fruitless. And to balance formidable standard bearers like Dawkins, we seek those who possess religious conviction but also scientific achievements to credibly argue the widespread hope that science and God are in harmony–that, indeed, science is of God.

Additionally… a friend of mine forwarded me this book review by H. Allen Orr. If you like reading about the philosophical and scientific community’s ideas on faith and religion, then this review will take you some time to read but will be worth it. It’s a well written, thorough, insightful, and intelligently read review of this New York Times best selling work (currently number 6 and 15 weeks long on the list). His examination of many traditional arguments for and against God based on what has been done in God’s name through history and the probability issues regarding his existence is worth the read all by itself. Maybe next time you get called on these issues by a skeptic, you might have a few intelligently skeptical questions of your own to ask in response.

As a believer, I think God must be smiling. Be it by pessimism or by passion, his existence and character is still pondered. Oh how we all need grace.

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