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I am planning a trip to Uganda this summer with our high school students and I have had to make a few international calls and faxes to set up an overnight in London and such. And, since I use Skype to talk to my sister and her family who live in Kampala, I never really have a need to do much international calling. In fact, since I don’t do a lot of international travel and since we have e-mail and since I have very few friends oversees and since I sound like a loser now…

I was stoked to find this site. You just type in the country you’re calling from, where you are calling to, and the number you want to call and walla… it tells you what to do and even what might be wrong if you’ve typed in a phone number that doesn’t seem right for that area of the world. So cool.

If you need some help. You should hit it up.

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