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  • BRIDES ARE SAVING MONEY: by buying cakes that only have a real top layer. The rest is just frosting covered styrofoam and guests are served look-a-like cheap cake. HA! That’s great!
  • MY TURN ON FAITH: Newsweek has this article every week called “myturn”. This months article is from a gay man and is titled, “let me worship as I am”. It’s a search for faith and meaning in the Christian church while feeling designed by God to be gay. He ends up finding it in the Episcopal tradition. The quote that made me think was this one, “I wish I could be spiritual but not religious thereby bypassing early Sunday rising and the challenges of community”. I wonder if escaping community is really a helpful step in affirming ones spirituality. I don’t think it is.
  • WIKI BIBLE: Wikipedia meets the Bible. Ever wanted to write your own translation of a book of the Bible? Well, now’s your chance. They are assembling a user generated translation of the Bible. My old boss used to call brainstorming, “pooling our ignorance”. I used to hate that phrase. But here it seems oddly appropriate.

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