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I learned that “fubar” is an acronym for a very bad thing.  Maybe I was living under a rock.  But I had no idea.  I also now wish I wish in the brainstorming meeting when they named this.  Bet that meeting was hysterical.

I learned that the oscar meyer weiner mobile passes out a toy they call the weiner whistles.  The weiner website says they were invented in 1952 by the weiner inventer himself and are given out everywhere this truck goes.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

I learned that youtube now lets you straight up download from their website any video for free in one of three formats.  They just put all the other websites that did this for you out of business.  So funny and so cool- unless you own one of those other websites and then um… bummer.

My facebook account can import my blog posts and now they show up as notes.  Nobody told me this and well, I was farting around on facebook and saw two “notes” from two people whose blogs I read and figured out it was just their blog on facebook and so I did some research and whalla… my blog now posts to facebook too.  I think I might love facebook. Not more than my wife or kids or soccer or photos… but maybe more than Christmas. 


  1. You can also link your twitter status to be your facebook status!

  2. I do 🙂

  3. More than Christmas, now you’ve gone too far! ha ha

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