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I just finished 13 months of one night a week seminary. I’m taking the summer off. I don’t even care what grade I got. I won’t miss tests a bit. One day when I start my own seminary… I’m gonna change all the rules, here’s a few in case you want to apply to the Brian Berry Seminary for the Real World:

1. No more Jeopardy quizes. If you don’t need to know it to have an intelligent conversation regarding spiritual things at Starbucks… you don’t have to memorize it.

2. No more tests without books. It’s pointless to assume you’ll live your life without access to them. So unless you’re training to minister to jungle people on a dessert island, you can bring your top 5 resources to any test we have.

3. All class projects answer the question: how will this help you in the real world? If you want to be a text book writer, you can take a degree track to prep you for that. If you want to work with junior highers, the track will be much different. Duh.

4. We care if you understand what you read and the implications of various ideas in the world you live in, not your ability to write a encyclopedia entry on it.

5. We don’t care what format you use to footnote or write a bibliography. Just be consistent and give us the info we need if we want to read it too. Beyond that, we don’t care whose system you adopt or if you make one up yourself. Besides, every system of records we have was made up anyway. This is your chance to be a trend setter.

6. If you aren’t enjoying the learning process, either our teaching sucks or you’re attitude does.


  1. count me in. i’m taking 24 units this summer at UCD because they want me to fill in a crap load of units and all i want is to be done. my real world is being a professional musician– i shouldn’t have to take “intro to” every other subject that exists just to get out of college!! so, yeah, if i was going to seminary, you’d better bet it would be yours.

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