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I’m at the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Conference and in a session on evangelism I was shown this video.  It echoed a recent conversation I had with our teaching pastor at Journey about Hell.  In which case, there was some irony in the discussion because some people who hold very passionately views about hell, don’t talk about it with very many people- and it would seem it’d be something you’d warn EVERYONE about all the time.  We asked the question, “If you really believe this, then why aren’t you telling everyone?”  I tried to ask myself that question too.  In light of that, this clip from self proclaimed atheist Penn of the “Penn and Teller show” is convicting, challenging, and inspiring.

So the question is:  If I believe what the Bible teaches to be true, then why would I ever apologize for taking the time to tell others about what it teaches? 


  1. that was really interesting. and it spoke to me.

  2. Wow, that’s an interesting perspective, especially coming from an athiest. He say’s he knows there’s no God & one good man is not gonna change that but mabye the light is a little less dim because of that man…and mabye the next “really good guy” will make the light even brighter. I like his analogy about the truck, makes total sense.

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