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or just plain LOVE a good deal… and especially if you live in San Diego…

then I have 3 sweet websites I use or have recently been recommended for local steals and deals.

Each day they send out some main deal and maybe a “side deal” where if “x” number of people sign up, the coupon is activated and you can buy it for a set price. Every deal is different, but they give you all you need to know and each of these websites gives you 24 hours to buy it or lose the deal if you don’t want it.

I subscribe to their daily e-mail updates and most of the time, I have to hit delete 3 times, cuz 95% of the time, I don’t use the item. BUT… 5% of the time I do. It might be an event ticket, a date idea, a class, a restaurant gift card, etc..

So far, I’ve bought:

If you want some great deals. Here’s 3 things to check out (thanks Stina for the heads up on the last two today!)

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