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I took my mac loptop in to get it repaired yesterday at an authorized repair center. It was under warranty.

They said if I just dropped it off, they’d get to it next week. I could not do that.

They said if I paid $50, they’d get to it the next 2-3 days. That wasn’t going to work very well either, especially if they needed to order parts.

They said if I paid $150, they’d get to it now. So, being that I needed my computer to do my job, I paid the $150.

3 hours later, they called me and told me to come pick up the computer, they found a major software problem in the “directory” and fixed it and it was ready. I said, “I have no idea what you just said, but great!”

30 minutes and 2 freeways later, I showed up expecting to take my computer and go. They however said that a software problem is not a warranty issue, and that it cost’s $89 to fix. They they told me that someone had refunded by $150 rush fee and that they in turn actually owe’d me $61.

This was great.

They then began to explain to me how this was because I had brought the same computer in on Saturday and already paid the rush fee for a motherboard issue. I then was faced with accepting my pure dumb luck based on someone’s mistake or to admit that I was in Mexico on Saturday and did not bring it in. I chose the later and told them of their error.

They looked confused. Asked if I was Brian Berry and confirmed my address and said the computer serial numbers matched. I said, thanks for whatever money you want to give back to me, but I did not bring in my computer on Saturday.

The tech then went to go get a salesperson. The salesperson said he thought they owed me $61. I looked confused. He went to go get the manager- who was locked in a conversation/dispute with another customer for like another 10 minutes.

The manager finally came over and said, I don’t know what seems to be the problem, we clearly owe you $61. At this point, I stopped pointing out the error of their ways, and by their demand- 20 minutes after I walked in to simply pick up my computer- took my $61 back on my Discover Card and left the building with my computer.

I wish all my transactions were this difficult if I’m going to get paid to tolerate them.

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