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Today I helped some friends get their home owners insurance off their back and save some serious flow by building a railing on their porch.  I was dripping in so much sweat by the end of a hot day in SD that I actually showered before going to soccer practice.  Still, it’s always fun to help friends build stuff.

Picture makes it look like the first post was put in at about 15 degree angle, but it’s an optical illusion, it’s plumb my friends.  So glad I don’t have to stain it 🙂


  1. sweet! now i won’t have to wonder if i’m going to jump off ian and christina’s porch, in a moment of impulse, every time i’m on it!

  2. Wow! Nice job! Looks totally professional!

  3. We love it! Our neighbors have stopped by to say they love it! Thanks Brian!!! You are AWESOME!

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