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I’m not sure what happened, but when I was in Yosemite I started drinking water. Lots of water.

I don’t drink soda or much alcohol, but do drink coffee and tea- mostly iced. Drinking more water has slowed my coffee intake considerably during the day too. I drink a cup in the morning and then one in the afternoon. Mostly cuz I love afternoon java. Not sure why….. but it’s great like about 3pm.

Anyway, I got a new water bottle and I am trying to drink 3000 ml a day. I fill it up at work in our water bottles there or with my fridge cuz it filters it and we don’t “buy water” anymore at home. It means filling my 1000 ml bottle about three times a day a goal. I try and have it polished off:

  • by 11am
  • by 3pm
  • by 7pm

So far, I did pretty good this week. Although if I wanted to, evidently this water bottle will tell me all I need to know and more about how to drink water. Crazy. Computer water bottle. What will they think of next?

I think drinking lots of water is supposed to help me keep my body running right. Post making this decision, I decided to do some minor research to see if this is true or if I just made it up in my head. I found out that it:

  • speeds up metabolism
  • aids in healing and toxin removal
  • helps with the removal of old cells and replacement with new tissue
  • is 60% of what my body is supposed to be made up of.

So.. there ya have it. Anybody else do the water thing?

…. oh.. and it makes you pee a lot. They tell me this will slow down as I make this more habitual, but so far… yeah… I pee a lot. My bladder clearly is not 1000 ml strong. Oh.. just googled it and found out that my bladder is between 30 and 60 ml strong. That explains a lot!!!!!


  1. my bladder is between 30 and 60 ml strong. That explains a lot!!!!!

    You just need to sweat more! Problem solved!

  2. I drink like 5 Nalgenes a day! I love water. Also my Nalgene is “supposed” to be indestructible!

  3. April King says:

    Well, this post fits beautifully with your blog title-Overflow-! Brian you might really enjoy seeing the Bodyworld exhibit at Balboa Park (at the History Museum). You will be able to see real bladders up close as well as every organ in your body. It is very cool. Check it out! April

  4. that body world thing scares me. I intentionally have missed it in NY and SD. But I’ll take your word for it… it’s amazing.

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