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My family likes to go to the fair. Yes, it’s lame and yes it’s the same every year and yes we go see the pigs and the sheep and the rabbits and the plants and even the lame table settings people submit. And yes, I even have been known to buy some wonder product. The kitchen pots I’ve used for cooking for the last 10 years are a fair going purchase. So is my cool modee collapsible giant ladder thing. Maybe this year I’ll score some knives that cut glass and tomatoes but turn to butter on human skin. 🙂

So, needless to say we’re on the San Diego County Fair e-mail list and the latest e-mail is trying to tempt me to going to $2 Tuesdays on June 16 (you have to buy the tickets at Albertsons) so i can try the following food items:

  • chocolate-covered bacon strips
  • the giant Big T Texas Tenderloin sandwich
  • deep-fried green beans
  • grilled asparagus
  • oatmeal-cookie chicken sandwiches
  • bread pudding
  • hot dog stuffed in a zucchini called a Zucchini Weeni.

Yep. don’t even act like the chocolate covered bacon didn’t make you gag and hold your arteries in fear. And you know you laughed outloud that somene has to scream….

“Step right up and get your Zucchini Weeni!”


  1. Let me know when your going! I want to be there. I am missing some SD right now

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