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Week by week?
Month by month?
Quarter by quarter?

This question gets asked a lot in ministry and while there may be very good reasons for a variety of methods,  I think that as youth pastors in particular, we have a lot of work to do in this area.  As a group we have a reputation for predominantly being young, flying by the seat of our pants, doing administration poorly, dropping details, and a general lack of planning.  It makes us hard to work with, difficult to get volunteers for, and constantly rushed.  Like all stereotypes, this reputation is both true of some and not of others.  But bottom line, when it is true, it is just plain unprofessional.

I’m not perfect at this, but it is a passion of mine.  I’ve written and taught a seminar on this at YS for several years now, though it’s not offered this year, I’m stoked that it made it onto the radar of the questions being asked at slant 33 this year.

Here’s 3 responses from 3 guys in the trenches. One from Josh Griffin, one from Lars Rood, and my own experience in how we get r done.  I think it’s worth your read and would love your comments.

You can read our responses here. 

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