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So, last summer I took a group of high school kids to the beach for the day. Or at least that was what we planned, but it ended up being just a bunch of hungry dudes who could go… so it ended up becoming a trip to Hodad’s for lunch. It’s an eclectic and super fun burger joint just blocks from the beach in downtown Ocean Beach.

That summer day I ordered one basket of fries, an order of onion rings, and a round of sodas and the guys each bought a burger. Nicholai- who was interning during the summer- thought…

“Oh… I’ll just order like I do at In-n-out and order a double double with bacon.”

Yeah… well his double double was double the size of his face and he gave up after 1/2 way done and cried uncle.

Ever since then, our small group of guys has been claiming they wanted to show Nicholai the burger could be owned. So, finally, we took them on last Wednesday night for them to experience it first hand- 6 of them for the first time.

The numbers: $119 bill for 9 dudes. 5 bought doubles. 4 got wiser with singles. I ordered 2 baskets of fries and one onion ring to share and a vanilla shake to mock them with.

There was sooooo much fat and grease and sugar and God knows what on this table that we didn’t even dare to pray “Dear God, please bless this meal.” We just asked for grace and forgiveness for what we just did to our body and agree’d we’d be seeing God a full 30 days earlier than He planned due to this diversion in artery health on our part… and then ate.

The result?

Yeah… 4 singles got polished off. And so did the baskets of fries and rings.

As for the doubles… Um.

David Bach (almost done below) and Brian Brangwynne (fisting it in the background) are have now been bestowed the title of “HODAD” for finishing the entire burger.

Michael (ordering) was bestowed the title of “SLOWDAD” since he did finish his, but ate it all the way home and finished the last bite as we exited the freeway to church.

And Jeff Sers (burger pride) and Michael Conley (slacker boy)- both of whom talked big game… have now been dubbed the “NODAD’S” since they got spanked by the burger and could not polish it off, leaving at least 1/3 of it still in the basket.

This day shall now be a historical moment in the lives of 7 high school students and 2 leaders who came, saw, and even a few conquered.


  1. man, i made the same mistake there on my first (and, sadly, so far, only) trip to hodad’s. the double bacon burger, and i ordered it with extra cheese. and, yeah, i got the “basket” which came with fries, and had ordered those psycho-good onion rings as an “appetizer”.

    only got through 2/3 of the burger.

    i’m a nodad, too.

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