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One of the Grandmas and Papas gave our kids Target cards for Easter. Well, on Monday we went shopping cuz it was burning a hole in their pocket. Like to the point of tears for us being bad parents and not taking them to Target.

Jake got a Diego something or other. Which you can see caused this rarity to be built in my front room. I’m gonna miss the days when this table turns into some kind of mini city. I’m sure they are numbered. So they make me smile more when I see them lately.

TJ got two dvd’s. The first two Harry Potter movies.

Tyler got “pegs” for his bike. Yesterday we called Grandma to tell her and well, there was some confusion. So here you go grandma. These are pegs.

[Side note: If you check out my previous Mexico post with our family and Hector’s, you’ll also notice that Tyler has left the family not only in the addition of pegs to his bike, but Tyler has also departed from the family tradition of the proper nice roll one should develop for their ball cap. This is a technique I have mastered and worked long and hard to get the proper roll. Since my boys were born, I have “fixed their caps” to give them the nice roll a fine cap wearer like myself demands. However he is officially a straight bill kid. Despite my best of efforts to teach and mentor him, he has left me behind for the tall lid with the flat bill. Ahhh… that’s my Ty. How can you deny a kid with no teeth a flat bill. Even if it is wrong.]

Oh.. and here’s how you use the pegs…. and how to take a pic of half of a Dad showing off his mad skills and tyler’s elite photo skillage.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ty, where’s your helmet instead of that straight bill? And Dad, are you sure you didn’t just crop the photo so we wouldn’t see the bad helmet example you were setting? Grandpa

  2. Helmet was in the garage. It was picture time before school and dad let him roll without it. As for the photo. Yep. I have this one you see- unedited. I also have one with half a face and one with no body or bike, just my head and chest.

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