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Well, if you follow my blog, today’s the day.  Shannon and I are off to adopt.  Very little sleep in the last few days and lots of mixed emotions, but we’re pumped and headed out so if you are they praying type, here’s a list of how you can pray for us.

MY KIDS HERE IN THE STATES: Please pray for safety and emotional and spiritual protection over my children as they stay with grandparents who are taking care of them in our home for the month we are gone half way around the world.

OUR LEGAL PROCEEDINGS IN UGANDA: Please pray for God’s Divine provision as we move through the court process in Uganda. We are told that it is methodical and chaotic and unpredictable and well, lots of things. We could certainly use prayer that one of those things is that it is smooth this time.

ATTACHMENT WITH OUR NEW KIDS: We are adopting twins: one boy and one girl. They are 5 1/2 years old. Please pray that they develop a healthy parent/child bond with us on a miraculous level. Pray that God connects them to us in ways we would only dream about. The experts say that this is the MOST critical component of a healthy adoption process. Please pray that we gain it quickly.

PROTECTION OF OUR FUNDS AND MY COMPUTER: As silly as this may sound, my computer and our money are both critical elements of our plans in Uganda and our communication with the states. Please pray that neither of them breaks or are stolen or anything like that. Pray for God’s supernatural protection of us and our temporary stuff.

THOSE WHO ARE COVERING FOR ME AT CHURCH WHILE I’M IN UGANDA: Please pray for the students, staff, and adult volunteers who are covering the many roles I have while I’m gone. Pray that God uses this time to advance his Kingdom in Encounter. Please specifically pray that God would strengthen and provide for my partner in crime, Sarah, so she does not bear the brunt of this weight. Pray that others stay healthy and remain faithful to the commitments they have made.

PEACE: please pray that God’s peace and provision would continue to flood this process as it has been doing thus far.

we’ll keep you posted as best we can from around the world.  Pictures to come 🙂


  1. On my knees for you.

  2. Thanks for giving us specific’s to pray for. May God be with you & ALL of your children in every way during this major life changing event in your lives. Be safe. Anticipating updates & can’t wait to meet the twins!

  3. Brian, give your twins a b ig ol’ hug from me. I’m praying it up for you and Shannon back here in sunny San Diego. Enjoy Uganda. Have a Jenga Jinja Kingdom building time.

  4. God bless you as you step out in faith and begin your journey. Praying for His blanket of peace,mercy,health and financial provision, protection and great favor to rest on you all. There is no safer place to be than in the center of God’s will, being led by the Holy Spirit!xo

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