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Today, my wife came to work to bring me my cell phone and then we went to the bank and to get java. Right as we were leaving the parking lot at Grossmont Center, my wife says, “Brian, the wheels on this car are squeaking, I think somethings wrong with the brakes, and …..” then the car died. This left me, my wife, and 3 small children in the back all smack in the middle of this really small right hand turn exit thing. So we totally blocked the way out of the parking lot. I put the flashers on and then started to push the car out of the way.

Meanwhile, there’s a dude stuck behind me. He honks. Honks. Um…. I wanted to stab him with a tire iron. However instead I just walked around, said, “I’m trying to push my car out of your way. It’s a Yukon XL. It’ll take me a minute.” He apologized and then got out and helped.

Oh the joys of broken down cars. So, from the land of broken down vehicles I offer these nuggets of wisdom….

  • Remember, your car will break down someday and the guy who is blocking the intersection by accident and is really wishing they were somewhere else and NOT calling a tow truck right now… yeah that guy… one day will be you. So be nice to that guy.
  • Keep your middle finger in your nose or your pocket or wherever before you wave it around in anger. The tow truck guy said that he got flipped off by a lady while he was helping a car that was broke down a few days ago. He remembered her cuz it pissed him off. 2 hours later he got another call from a broken down vehicle. It was that lady. Yeah… he towed her car…. slower than a car has ever been towed in the history of car towage.
  • Use your horn to celebrate weddings. I know it’s illegal. But I’d say break a law in celebration before you use the stupid thing to get angry at someone else’s distress.
  • Friends are good. Especially ones that come and save you and your kids from distress moments. Thanks Jared and the Hammond family!!!
  • One final nugget… I have AAA- so my tow is free. But in a really nice conversation with my tow truck driver, I discovered he only gets $7 per AAA call from his employer. No matter how long it takes. Um… so tip your tow truck guy… with money and not your middle finger.

oh.. I really hope this episode is not a $500 pain in my arse.

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