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So… today I posted on twitter and facebook this status update. “wanna guess what i have until Tuesday am to finish?” with a link to this pic:

To which a friend of mine, danny bowers, sent me a “direct message” via twitter. Now, if you’re not familiar with this lingo, it means Danny sent me like a private 140 character text message of sorts that can’t be seen by everyone who follows my twitter account.

His “private” Direct Message to me read this “snazzy shirt your sporting in that pic! I’m wielding a hammer & crowbar tomorrow for 8 hrs wanna come join for $20p/h instead of seminary??”

Now, so far, so good. This was a no brainer though for me. I immediately would choose a hammer and a crowbar over my 15 page greek paper in a second. So, I sent him a quick reply of “hell yes :)!”

Or so I thought.

What I actually did was reply to the text message I got from twitter, saying that I had a direct message from danny. However, when you reply to the text that twitter sends, it doesn’t send a “direct message” back just to danny, it sends a public twitter. My twitter then auto-publishes to my facebook status. So, in a matter of nano seconds…

If you’re still with me:
  • I posted a pic
  • Danny messaged me privately
  • I accidentally replied publicly
  • it auto posted to twitter and facebook, very publicly
I then tried to quickly undo this since my facebook is read by parents in my ministry and stuff and while I won’t say I don’t say “hell yes” on occasion, I don’t usually type it for the world to read as often as they like and certainly not as the only 2 words in my status update.

Immediately, it got a reply from Nicholai saying “wow, serious stuff there” and my wife replied “wow” and another pastor on our team laughing at me said “I LOVE this” and my fiasco.

So I tried to delete it and limit the damage and the explaining I’d have to do. But I couldn’t cuz I was away from my computer and only using my cell phone to post things and I couldn’t figure out how to delete it for the life of me.

By the time I finally figured out how to delete the stupid thing, 10 people had already commented on facebook and I was laughing really hard at my silly story. In the end, I actually deleted it on accident once I finally was told how to do it via my phone.

Funny day. Just goes to show, what you do publicly, is completely public. Ha ha. Be careful when you say “Hell Yes!”


  1. I saw that tweet and couldn’t figure it out. The back story is hilarious. Thanks for clarifying Mr. Potty Mouth.

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