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I’ve been reading some blogs recently and for whatever reason, I keep hearing puns and tongue-in-cheek jokes about churches doing helicopter egg drops for an Easter outreach event. I figured there was like one famous church that did this and made some CNN story and they probably had some guy on staff who flys a helicopter for fun and did it for free or something. So finally, feeling totally out of the coolness loop, I googled church helicopter egg drop and got 116,000 hits!!!! The first few pages of which appear to be totally on subject.

There are youtube videos of this.

There are legitimate news articles from papers and tv channels and stuff.

My friend Eugene ranted about it here. And referenced it again here.

  • side note: about Eugene- – you should read his blog. The guy is an amazing thinker, a great risk taker, a man of faith, an inspiration to me, Spirit led, and gifted beyond most people I know. He’s a church planter, business man, entrepreneur, dreamer, and visionary currently in Seattle with his wife and kids. My favorite memory at Davis with Eugene —who was a double major and graduated in like 3 years- dude is smart and like never sleeps— anyway, he was an hour into taking a 3 hour final exam when he figured out he was super tired, and couldn’t think straight. So he leaned over to his classmate next to him and asked if he’d wake him up in 20 minutes. His classmate looked all crazy at him and said yes. Eugene is the only guy I know who has ever taken a power nap in a final. Crazy. I tell you the guy is crazy and you should read his stuff)

There are churches in Pennsylvania and in Sacramento, CA and well… all over that do this.

I guess watching a helicopter bomb a field in eggs is a draw for thousands from the community. I’m not sure what they are made of, but evidently they don’t break from 2000 feet up.

I found this church blog post where the comments say that people were pushing, stealing eggs from little kids, and leaving crying due to the fact that they had 3000 people more than they expected and only 18,000 eggs to drop and not enough for a kid to feel blessed by the Jesus Helicopter Bunny thingamajig. Happy Easter!

Craziness. I’m gonna pitch this in our next staff meeting as an idea for 4th of july. Maybe we can helicopter bomb the 1.2 million people who will be on the beach with little church pamphlets explaining how to get over a serious hang over and what to do if you end up drunk and naked in the morning and don’t remember how you got there. We could be a full service church then.

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