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Tyler turned 9 today at 3 something pm. He knows exactly when. He will tell you if you ask him. This morning someone asked, “Well, do you feel older yet?” He said, “Nope, I’m not 9 until 3…. “

Today, he was given several choices of what to do and what to eat and what to get on his birthday.

He chose the following:

  • Wii games, orange muffins, and little smokies in the morning.
  • Shooting 22’s in the desert in the day.
  • He picked a new blue street bike with 4 pegs and 2 brakes for tricks.
  • Dinner of steak, brocoli, salad, corn on the cob, and grilled mushrooms.
  • A cookies and cream ice cream cake.

Here’s the shooting pics. We found a new spot that a friend recommended that meant we didn’t have to drive off road really far or drive as deep into the desert as we have done before. It was off a well groomed and border patrolled dirt/sand road on BLM land. They actually moved us twice because they were patrolling the area. But in the end, even the moving wasn’t so bad and we had a great day.

Here’s the shots of tyler getting his presents and then blowing out his cake with grandma. Since grandma has a birthday in early January, they shared the cake. I offer you these pics to show you my son Tyler’s crazy faces (click on the pics and they get bigger). He is a funny kid. He loves to cuddle and lately, he is a clown too.

Oh… and last but not least, here’s the new dresser that I built with the grandpas for Tyler. TJ and Tyler and are now sharing a room and we needed a dresser and the only place to put it was under the window so we made it a window seat dresser. My mom built the cushion and pillows. A full, but very helpful day’s work for all of us.


  1. linda brangwynne says:

    Sounds like a fun b-day. And I thought I was the only one who sits when shooting a rifle. But I use a real folding chair, not a whimpy bucket and some kinda fancy rifle table. 🙂 I’ll have to get directions from you to the BLM area next time we chat. We have friends we like to go target shooting with. Kyle likes it so much all he wanted for Christmas was a safety course so he can get his hunting license. He’s gonna have to learn to clean his own game tho.

  2. Wow! Great job on your project! Looks totally professional!

  3. we have so much playmobil its ridiculous… my brother used to love it and we even have a manger scene.

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