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Today is my wife and I’s official 14 year anniversary. Happy Anniversary Wife!

We celebrated it a few weekends ago when we had free childcare ala the grandma and papa, but today is the official day.

So while we were gone on vacation, my wife bought me a new ring. I wear a lot of rings, but the only gold one I wore was my wedding ring. All the rest were silver. It’s also the only one I never changed or took off. But we have talked about changing it out for a silver one every now and again. Anyway, I found these rings I liked made of Titanium on our cruise a while back and then I found them again while in Dana Point.

So I tried one on and my lovely bride said I could have it and then she suggested I wear it as my wedding ring. I thought she was kidding, but evidently not.

It costs $35. Whooo hooo. Maybe I can buy one for my wife for our 20 year. I’ll splurge and buy her one for $50.

So… here’s my new comfort fit titanium wedding ring for my marriage of steel 🙂


  1. Nice ring. Congrats on the anniversary!!!

  2. You and your rings… you’re killin’ me!! 😉 Happy Anniversary you two!! Love you and hope to see you in November!!

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