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“Good luck with that.” That’s what my wife said after we watched The Bourne Ultimatum last night and she knew that I had to write a message on the movie this week in our God at the Movies Series. Actually she said, “Good luck with that. Why don’t you make the students who chose that movie write the message.”

I can see where she is coming from cuz there’s not a ton of dialogue in this film and much of what is there is chopped up or even whispered, so finding the right clips will be some work, but I’ve got some good notes.

I think I’ll go along the lines of dealing with our past, searching to find our true identity in Christ, and probably touch on forgiveness. I think we should teach students how to defend yourself with your bare hands, how to make a fake passport, and how to survive a massive car crash almost completely unscathed too.

Hopefully it won’t feel like a big stretch, but instead a God-sized Ah Ha moment. Not exactly your classic mother’s day message though for sure!


  1. Cool. I’ve been thinkikng myself recently on Youth Culture/Identity formation and who we are in Christ.

    Understanding who we are at our essence is pretty important.

    I guess you could also refer back to the other Bourne movies (you get a better picture of Jason Bourne that way) and that despite all of his training (and brainwashing?) he didn’t fulfil his assignment because of the kid. No matter how brutal or severe our life, or upbringing has been, there’s ‘something’ inside us that recognises right from wrong… and then go from there?

    Hope it all goes well!


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