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I met a college student who is a Molecular Physics major for UCSD while having convos at OGN.  He told me that evolution was a “FACT” and that God did not exist.  He had been to several churches and even dated a “christian girl” here and there, but had no interest in God.  I asked him if he knew of any molecular physicists who believed in God?  He said, “yes, but all of them have to disconnect their head from their body in order to do so.”

I asked about the intricacies of the eyeball and it’s independent parts and how this came about by accident.  He said, “everything has eyeballs” and it’s like standard equipment in the animal Kingdom.  I’m not sure what difference that makes, cuz the thing is crazy how it works…. but I didn’t bother arguing much and we would have just went around in circles.

I then went to speak at Mount Hermon last week and found this dragon fly just chillin’ on a branch.

I snapped it’s picture. It’s a miniature flying thing with some kinda purpose and wisdom inside it that science simply can’t duplicate by with the basic elements alone.  It takes more intentionality and programming than that.   It’s crazy the details it has that work together to create this small animal.  I can’t imagine how this happened by accident or billions of lucky mutations.  This molecular physicist has more faith than I do.

Click on these pics to enlarge them and draw your own conclusions in the visible intricacies on this simple insect alone.


  1. What a great illustration! And what great photos!

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